Terms and Conditions

Most orders ship in 10-15 working days or less from receipt of acceptable submitted art files. Henry York / Hampton & Agency Inc. can not be held responsible for delays due to incorrectly submitted files. Additional time and charges may be required to alter or fix incorrect files. If art is not supplied req. formats, a $50 per hour art charge will apply. Production times are exclusive of delivery time and are not contractual.

Payment and Ordering

We accept credit card, and check. All jobs must be paid-in-full before put into production unless others terms are arranged. Checks A purchase order or order form must be submitted before we can process your order. Orders can be submitted via email. Order form can be downloaded from our website. All price FOB Factory. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will be added to all past due accounts.

Damaged Goods / Claims

It is important to inspect all materials upon arrival. In the case of loss or damage in transit, the liability is that of the carrier. Please mark shipper “received damaged” and contact us immediately. A claim must be filed with the carrier within 5 days after receipt of merchandise. All other claims must be made within 10 days of deliver. In the case of errors our liability is specifically limited to the value of the product we manufacture.

Copy Artwork Errors

Customer files are reviewed before output to ensure accuracy and that your expectations are met. However we are not liable for errors in customer submitted files or for unexpected file output when no color separated lasers are sent. All orders will be produced according to the original specifications without alteration. If art is not supplied req. formats, a $50 per hour art charge will apply.

Trademark and Copyright

Customer must accept full responsibility for claims and or litigation arising from alleged infringement of trademark and / or copygiht on any design or copy furnished to manufacture to produce.Customer warrants that the subject matter to be printed is not copyrighted by a third party.

Right to Promote

Hampton & Agency Inc. / Henry York reserves the right to use all products produced by the plant in the plant’s advertising, promotional literature or other display and sample programs.

Color Matching

We are gang run style print company. Your job will be run on a press sheet with other jobs and will be run to standard color densities. The overall dominant color on a sheet may cause individual job colors to shift slightly. We make every effort to produce a reasonable representation; however, Hampton & Agency Inc. / Henry York like all other gang run commercial printers, does not guarantee an exact color match.

Sales Tax

New York State law requires sales tax on all transactions. A signed and completed resale certificate is required as proof of a company’s tax exempt status. Fax to 1.646.607.3428


The arwork, desings and trademarks shown on products in this web site and our catalog are examples of the type and quality of product identification available. They are not intended to represent endorsement or production by/for the owners of the artwork, desingns or trademarks. The illustrations are not meant to be advertisments. Items as pictured with identifications are not for sale to anyone other than the parties expressly authorized by the owners of the trademarks and logo desings.