Each Henry York campaign is tailor-made and reflects a comprehensive appreciation of the client and its corporate culture. Our team of on-staff and independent consulting experts is drawn from the elite ranks of New York City’s creative community and has over 100 years of collective experience in the development of high-impact advertising and marketing programs. Customer service, fast turnaround, and execution results are hallmarks of Henry York Integrated and the firm pledges innovation and customer satisfaction with every engagement.

Henry’s Five Rules of Customer Care

1. Three Ring Max

We answer our phone in three rings with live humans, no automated attendants, no menus, and other forms of Voice Mail. In the rare occasion where we are not available, we will call back within one half hour guaranteed.

2. Quality, Quality, Quality

We use only proven, tested suppliers, Then we personally inspect the quality of each product before we authorize its manufacturer.

3. Reliable, Fast Delivery

You can count on the delivery times we quote. We tell you the real deliver time, not the time you want to hear. If the deliver is too long, we will suggest alternative solutions that can meet your schedule.

4. Permanent Customers

Our business is built on permanent customers. The only way to keep a customer is to meet or exceed their expectations, everytime.

5. Consistently Good Price

Good service does cost a little more, but not much more. Many times out customers find that our prices are lower than out competitors. That’s good, but we will not sacrifice quality or service to get a cheaper price.